iPhone Application - Tournament Golf
Tournament Golf is a realtime scoring golf app that tracks upto 100 golfers scores simultaneously. Each player's score can be viewed in real time by all other players at any time with live leaderboards.

How it works:

Each golf group needs one player (or more) to marks players' scores for that group. You can have upto 100 players in your event. Each group can then watch scores from player in other groups come in the live leaderboard.

  • Create events of with hundreds of players
  • Automatic score updates - view live leaderboards
  • Live leaderboards in strokes relative to par and/or stableford points
  • Mark upto 4 players on each iphone
  • Play strokes, par or stableford points, with automatic calculation of your points
  • Support upto 10 rounds pre event
  • Organiser can add scores for players not been marked after 6,9,12 and 18 holes
  • Organiser can modify the scores of any player that has finished
  • Email results of all players after the round
This application can also be used by tournament marshalls and stewards wishing to keep track of players scores. You can give the player password to spectators, who can then log in a view live leaderboards and scoring.


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How is this App different to other golf app?s
This App is the only app which allows you to see your competitor scores in realtime. Our live leaderboards allows you to immediatley see competitors scores and they yours. It also acts as a scorecard marker like other apps if you are only playing by yourself or in one group of 4 or less
How do I set up an event?
Toucn new event, enter the name of the event, and two passwords: Organiser password and Player password. For more information on passwords see password section below. Next enter the date and select a golf course. If you golf course is not in our database you can easily add by pressing "Add new course". Enter the name and location of the course, along with par and index of each hole. Next choose whether you want to play a strokes of stableford points game. Hit next button and add the players for your event. Press "All Done" and you event is now setup. Give the password to your fellow competitors and you are ready to go
What is the differnce between Organiser password and Player password?
You must select organiser and player password when setting up an event. The organiser password allows you to edit event details and delete or add players. The player password only allows you to mark player scores and view event details and players' scores. As organiser, you should keep the organiser password, and give the players the player password. This way you keep control of the event.
How do I add a new course?
Click on the course card field, and search for your course by location. If your course is not in our database, click on Add New Course, and complete the course name, location and par and handicap/index for each hole. This course will then be added to our database.
How do I edit handicap/index or par or a course?
In event info tab, click on the course, and select edit course. Click on the holes you wish to edit and change the par and or handicap/index for the hole. Click save when done.
Can I view previous events?
Yes. You can view previous events by clicking on previous events button on login screen
Can I still use this App if we only have 4 or less players (1 group)?
Yes. If you only have 4 or less players, you can use the app like other golf apps to mark your scorecard and view your scorecard after the round. It will show live leaderboard for the 4 players in your group.
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